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Quick overview of how to install databricks for free[free version] in this short(3 min), in-depth video!

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Hope you now understood how to access databricks with apache spark, and the different versions available like the free community version[edition] in 2021! Two types of editions in spark databricks are community edition and free trail. Databricks Zero to Hero(AWS, GCP, Azure) Series! — Session 1


00:00- Intro

00:48- Creating Free Account

01:17- Two Databricks Editions

02:00- Databricks Overview and Features (how to use databricks)

Hope this video will help you understand what Databricks is and how it is used…

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DP 201(dp 203) Azure Data Engineer — Watch this video for azure data engineer dp 203 practice test questions with answers for DP-203 exam, Azure data engineer certification.

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This is the 1st practice in a series of dp 203 three practice tests of the azure data engineer certifications. DP-203 & DP-201 — Update Azure Data Engineer Dp 201 & dp 200 have been merged to create the dp 203 certification.

The material overlaps, so knowing both dp 201 and dp 200 would help you prepare for dp 203.

Hope this video will help your in your…

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Learn how to easily make a Pie Chart and Histogram in Google spreadsheets, a spreadsheet platform like Microsoft Excel, in 4 MIN!

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Pie charts are an excellent way to visually represent data by percentages(size like in a piece of a pie); which histograms do a great job representing data by value and frequency. Hope this video help you great your own histogram and pie chart in sheets [google sheets]. Export the graphs by downloading as PDF.


00:00 — Learn how to make Histograms

02:37 — Learn how to make Pie Charts

04:15 — New Video…

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Databricks Zero to Hero! — Session 1 | What is Databricks? | Reading CSV File

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Apache Spark Databricks Zero to Hero(AWS, GCP, Azure) Series! — Session 1 This databricks sql query and spark databricks tutorial video covers everything from basics to:

— What is Databricks?

— Installing Databricks Free Version From Scratch

— Create Apache Spark(PySpark) Cluster

— Create Databricks Notebook

— Importing CSV File

— Creating Parquet Table

— Reading CSV File using PySpark(Apache Spark)

— Running SQL Queries

Hope this video will help you understand what Databricks is and how it is used in…

Check out the video version here:

Cloud Computing Basics for Beginners

Cloud Computing A,B,C,D.. for School and College Students in 10 min!

Cloud Basic Concepts

What is Cloud Computing.

What are 3 types of Cloud Models.

  • What are 3 types of Cloud Services.
  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Delivery of computing services over the Internet(Cloud).
  • Computing services:
  • - Servers
  • - Storage
  • - Networking
  • - Software
  • - AI/ML services
  • Major cloud providers:
  • Amazon Web Services(AWS),AZURE and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Types of Cloud Models

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • It is owned by public service provider.
  • Resources and services provided to all users via internet over secured network connection.

Learn Tips for Top demand Cloud certification in 4 min to get a Job in 2021.

I recently started a YouTube channel to share my knowledge about the Cloud & Data Science. Please visit my channel and subscribe for more upcoming videos.

I have completed recently Microsoft Azure Data engineer Certification in spite of tight deadlines with my production deliverables. I am going to share the tip and tricks and useful links that were helpful to me to pass this exam.

The following questions are covered in this story.

o What is the right Azure certification for me?

o What…

Cloud & Data Science

Passion for Data Science, AI, ML, & Cloud Computing. Please check my channel for information:

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