Want a FREE Week for every course and skill on Plural sight!

Exciting news for all of us! Plural sight is offering FREE one week for every course on Plural sight.

You can use this opportunity to upskill in your favorite course for FREE! The most demanding courses in job market are cloud computing or data engineering or big data or DevOps or Power BI or Python or any Mobile development (Android or Swift or Native react) any other course available on Plural sight

Plural Sight got some exciting news! It is making every one of Pluralsight Skills’ 7,000+ expert-led video courses, 40+ interactive courses, and 20+ projects free for a week.

They are telling you in advance so we can consider what we’d like to learn and carve out time to take as many courses as we want. (Also, make sure your snack game is strong that week for potential binge-skilling.)

We’ll notify you when Free Week begins so you don’t miss a minute.

Happy upskilling!

Enjoy the learning!!



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Cloud and Data Science

Passion for Data Science, AI, ML, & Cloud Computing. Please check my channel for latest IT videos: www.youtube.com/c/CloudDataScience